4-393 TSBN (Medical)


4-393 TSB (Medical) conducts lifecycle mobilization engagement IOT validate COMPO 2/3 ability to support Combatant Commander mission requirements.


Trusted and respected partner, providing exportable, tailorable training to deploying COMPO 2/3 medical units. Elite, technically/tactically proficient OC/Ts advising, assisting, and training medical units deploying to support global mission requirements.


Lieutenant Colonel Donald Bentley Jr.
Battalion Commander
4-393 TSBN (Medical)
CSM Daryl Forsythe
Battalion Command Sergeant Major
4-393 TSBN (Medical)

Points of Contact

  • XO
  • (254) 553-7544
  • S1
  • (254) 287-5754

Mailing Address

Operational Readiness & Mobilization Training Center
117th Street, Bldg 56334
North Fort Hood, Texas 76544