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Video by Staff Sgt. Carter Acton
Interview: Lt. Col. Michael McNamara - Justified Accord 2024
U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa
May 3, 2024 | 5:21
U.S. Army Lt. Col Michael McNamara, operations officer, Joint Force Headquarters, Massachusetts National Guard, explains the significance of Justified Accord 2024 (JA24), his role during the exercise, and what it’s like working with international partners at the Counter Insurgency Terrorism and Stability Operations Training Centre, Nanyuki, Kenya, Mar. 5, 2024. JA24 is U.S. Africa Command's largest exercise in East Africa, running from Feb. 26 - March 7. Led by U.S. Army Southern European Task Force, Africa (SETAF-AF), and hosted in Kenya, this year's exercise will incorporate personnel and units from 23 nations. This multinational exercise builds readiness for the U.S. joint force, prepares regional partners for UN and AU mandated missions, and increases multinational interoperability in support of humanitarian assistance, disaster response and crisis response. (U.S. Department of Defense video by Staff Sgt. Carter Acton)
189th Infantry Brigade
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Mission & Vision

189th IN BDE (CATB) observes, coaches, and trains our ARNG and USAR partners to provide trained and ready units to support combatant commander requirements around the world. O/O, conduct Mobilization and Large Scale Mobilization Operations (LSMO) in support of our ARNG and USAR partners to meet combatant commander OPLAN requirements.
Our purpose is to support First Army’s mission to achieve FORSCOM directed readiness and deliver trained and ready NG and RC forces. We accomplish this through partnership with the National Guard and US Army Reserve as FORSCOM’s proponent for the integration of the Army’s Total Force Policy (ATFP) and execution of Mobilization Training Centers (MTC) operations as part of the Army’s LSMO effort.