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Video by Jimmy Shea
Navy All Hands Video Productions Reel
All Hands Magazine
July 11, 2024 | 5:28
Navy Production Directorate is the Defense Media Activity (DMA) communication directorate that advises, plans, creates, distributes, and assesses strategic targeted visual information products across a variety of media platforms to both internal and external worldwide Department of the Navy (DON) audiences, meeting customer communication objectives and achieving desired outcomes. Navy Production’s mission at Defense Media Activity is to effectively communicate the Navy’s story while aligning with Department of Defense and Navy initiatives. This mission is carried out by producing high-quality products that inform, educate, and inspire our audiences to showcase the Navy’s mission, capabilities, and achievements. (U.S. Navy video by Jimmy Shea/released)
189th Infantry Brigade
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Mission & Vision

189th IN BDE (CATB) observes, coaches, and trains our ARNG and USAR partners to provide trained and ready units to support combatant commander requirements around the world. O/O, conduct Mobilization and Large Scale Mobilization Operations (LSMO) in support of our ARNG and USAR partners to meet combatant commander OPLAN requirements.
Our purpose is to support First Army’s mission to achieve FORSCOM directed readiness and deliver trained and ready NG and RC forces. We accomplish this through partnership with the National Guard and US Army Reserve as FORSCOM’s proponent for the integration of the Army’s Total Force Policy (ATFP) and execution of Mobilization Training Centers (MTC) operations as part of the Army’s LSMO effort.