Through G-3/5/7, the G-2 provides training and readiness coordination and planning for USAR and NG Intelligence units and staffs. In support of the Command's Security Program, G-2 executes the personnel and information security programs. Provide CONUS and OCONUS threat related information for situational awareness.


  • Intelligence Support Element
  • Intelligence Warfighting Function
  • Security

Key Tasks

  1. ICW G-3, assess readiness, plan and synchronize IWF training support for Reserve Component intelligence units and staffs mobilizing in support of overseas contingency operations.
  2. Validate and coordinate external language training resources for all Mobilization Training Centers for their mobilizing RC units.
  3. Plan, direct and execute the First Army Security Programs.
  4. Provide 24/7 Intelligence, Weather and Security support to First Army operations, subordinate units, mobilizing RC units and training facilities
  5. Gather, analyze and disseminate CONUS threat data in order to protect the force throughout the ARFORGEN process.

Points of Contact

  • G-2
  • (309) 782-9102
  • Deputy G-2
  • (309) 782-9677
  • Chief, Security
  • (309) 782-9250
  • Chief, Intelligence Warfighting Function
  • (309) 782-9676
  • Chief, Intelligence Support Element
  • (309) 782-9675
  • Administration
  • (309) 782-9720

Mailing Address