"Leaders Stay Engaged"


Promote readiness of the U.S. Army, First Army, and the quality of life of its people, through the prevention of accidental injuries, illnesses, and property damage.


To create an organizational culture in which safety awareness, use of the risk management process, and enforcement of standards are synonymous with caring for Soldiers, training, and Leadership.

Safety and Risk Management Program and Initiatives

Safety is the commander's program

Risk can be mitigated through direct command involvement, accurate risk management, effective planning, training, and supervision at all levels.

Each commander, noncommissioned officer, and supervisor are to ensure that safety and risk management is prime consideration in all training missions and activities.

Points of Contact

  • Safety Director
  • (309) 782-9411

Mailing Address

ATTN: G1 Safety
Headquarters, First Army
1 Rock Island Arsenal, Bldg 68
Rock Island, IL 61299-8100