Inspector General


Inquire into and report on the discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training, mobilization, and readiness, of the Command; investigate fraud, waste, and abuse; provide assistance with matters that do not get resolved through normal command or regulatory channels.


Extend the First Army’s Commander’s eyes, ears, voice, and conscience in peace and war to create a more knowledgeable, reliable, and credible organization. The First Army IG team will be depended on for providing timely assistance to family members and civilians; teaching and training First Army Soldiers and Leaders; and be the standard bearer as well as advocates of and displaying core Army Values.

- Before you tell it to the IG
- IG Policies & Functions
- Rights of Civilian Employees to submit complaints to IG
- Rights of Soldiers to submit complaints to IG


  • Assistance & Investigations
  • Inspections

Points of Contact

Mailing Address

First Army Headquarters AFKA-IG
1 Rock Island Arsenal, Bldg. 68
Rock Island, IL 61299-6500