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Provides guidance and oversight to Divisions East and West Family Program Managers to educate, support/train, and integrate geographically dispersed Soldiers and their Families during extended separations in support of First Army’s mission.

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First Army Family Support has been in existence since the late 1980s. The Army changed its language from Family Support to Family Readiness in the 1990s. The Family Support Group was changed to read Family Readiness Group (FRG). The changed was intended to ensure anyone significant to the Soldier could join and participate as a member of the unit’s FRG. The unit FRG consists of Soldiers, spouses, significant others, and/or friends.

A message from the Senior FRG Adviser

Now, more than ever, Family issues are at the forefront of our Army. Family needs are on the rise and YOUR First Army Family Programs staff stands ready to assist you. First Army Family Programs supports Families across the Continental United States to include rural and urban areas. Through this website, the goal is to provide information that can help you understand First Army’s unique mission, and help you to maintain stability by taking advantage of various programs and services available through the Military.

Please consider taking the Army Family Team Building (AFTB) Level I on line training at you are encouraged to take full advantage of the 24/7 free services offered by Military One Source at Both of these sites offer an array of helpful information.

If you have information you would like to share please send us an email. We will receive your information and respond back to you within 48 hours. We have also added a feature for you to have access to various services or telephone numbers by locations. You can access this feature on the main menu under resource/service locator at

Our Family members are always welcome to participate in volunteer programs. First Army Community Relations will be able to answer your volunteer questions, assist your volunteer efforts with First Army’s volunteer programs and help you find volunteer opportunities in your local communities.

Thank you for your participation and interest in First Army Family Programs. We look forward to hearing your feedback.

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