188th Infantry Brigade

Ready Pulse Logo   Ready Pulse is designed to provide members of the 188th IN BDE a conduit to have concerns addressed outside of the standard systems, or if there are concerns in utilizing the Chain of Command. The Pulse Representative is the only one who will have this information. No commanders will know who submitted the information. Soldiers may still use the Open Door policy or other services. Using Ready Pulse does not preclude the use of the other services. Soldiers should not submit any personal identifying information or sensitive information through Pulse. Soldiers should submit criminal complaints to the appropriate law-enforcement agency.

If you have a complaint, concern or comment that you need addressed directly to the Brigade Commander, you can either call:

Pulse Line: (912) 435-8681

Or, complete the boxes below. Please provide a call back number or give an email address that you feel comfortable providing. Our goal is to respond within 72 hours.

Please provide a brief description of your concern, suggestion, comment or complaint:

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