First Army Division East Safety

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First Army Division East Safety Team is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthful working environment as well as provide safety training and mentorship for all Soldiers and Civilians assigned and attached to First Army Division East Headquarters. Additionally, the safety team is responsible for providing training, resources, and mentorship to deploying Army Reserve National Guard Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen in order to prepare them to safely deploy in support of worldwide military operations and redeploy.


To create an organizational culture in which safety awareness, use of the risk management process, and enforcement of standards are synonymous with caring for Soldiers, training, and Leadership.

Safety and Risk Management Program and Initiatives

-Safety is the commander's program.

-Risk can be mitigated through direct command involvement, accurate risk management, effective planning, training, and supervision at all levels

-Each commander, noncommissioned officer, and supervisor are to ensure that safety and risk management is prime consideration in all training missions and activities

Division East Safety Program

The Division East Safety Program provides information, standards, objectives, training and contact information.

+ First Army Division East Commanders Safety Philosophy

+ Mobilizing Safety Guide

+ Safety Standard Operating Procedures

+ First Army Motorcycle Safety Program

+ FY 2011-2012 Strategic Safety Plan

+ First Army Division East Phone Roster

+ Tactical Safety Products and Resources
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