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NATO stands with all Ukrainians fighting for their freedom and our shared security (International)
Nov. 2, 2024 | 0:37
Two years have passed since Russia’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine.
Since then, the people of Ukraine and the Ukrainian armed forces demonstrated their courage, strength and determination to push back the Russian invading forces, bravely defending their freedom and their country.
In these two years, Ukraine has inflicted heavy losses on Russia, recapturing 50 per cent of the territory that they originally seized, and pushing back their invading forces on all fronts. Despite all these losses though, Russia is showing no signs of seeking peace, putting their economy on a war footing, and ramping up weapons production.
NATO Allies have provided unprecedented support to Ukraine, helping to uphold its right of self-defence enshrined in the UN Charter; and as Russia prepares for a long war, Allies’ continued commitment is essential to preserving Ukraine’s freedom, and it is key to Ukraine’s security and our own security.
NATO stands with all Ukrainians bravely pushing back the Russian invaders. As we remember the day in which the fully-fledged invasion began, a group of Ukrainian soldiers being trained by NATO Allies in the United Kingdom recites their national anthem, standing side by side with their trainers from the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.
189th Infantry Brigade
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Mission & Vision

189th IN BDE (CATB) observes, coaches, and trains our ARNG and USAR partners to provide trained and ready units to support combatant commander requirements around the world. O/O, conduct Mobilization and Large Scale Mobilization Operations (LSMO) in support of our ARNG and USAR partners to meet combatant commander OPLAN requirements.
Our purpose is to support First Army’s mission to achieve FORSCOM directed readiness and deliver trained and ready NG and RC forces. We accomplish this through partnership with the National Guard and US Army Reserve as FORSCOM’s proponent for the integration of the Army’s Total Force Policy (ATFP) and execution of Mobilization Training Centers (MTC) operations as part of the Army’s LSMO effort.